#15 He says ‘I love you’and you don’t say it back.

Luke: He tried not to be upset. He needed to take it like a man, but that was hard to do when he’d put his heart on the line, only to have it stepped on. He had prepared for this - you guys were just friends afterall - but he prayed so hard you’d say it back. Of course you wouldn’t, though. You were beautiful and he was just a boy who stumbled over his own thoughts, and didn’t know exactly what to say to make you see him as anything more than a best friend.

Ashton: You couldn’t say it back, and he understood. It wasn’t that you didn’t feel it - God it consumed you - but you were scared. You’d seen love die too many times, and you’d rather die a thousand deaths than let what you have with him disappear. No one had ever made you feel this way, and you were terrified that saying it out loud would somehow curse it. He was the best thing that had ever walked into your life, and you’d be damned if you’d just let him walk out. Instead, you kissed him and let every feeling you had for him pour into his mouth.

Calum: He said it, and watched as the smile that lit up your face suddenly dimmed. That was all the confirmation he needed. How could he have been so stupid? Of course you didn’t love him, you had a boyfriend. One that was handsome, and funny, and could give you all the things he couldn’t. All he felt was anger. Not at you - never at you - but at himself for allowing these feelings for you to grow. He should’ve crushed them the moment the first bud bloomed, but he selfishly didn’t. He was too caught up in the smell of your hair, and how your smile made him tingly.

Michael: As much as you loved hearing the words fall from his lips, you just couldn’t do it. You two had tried too many times, and it always had the same result. You loved him, but you couldn’t do this to yourself anymore, and neither should he. The two of you were toxic, and as much as you wanted to be together, you knew deep down you shouldn’t be. He needed a girl that added flames to his fire, not one who doused it. The expression on his face hurt too much to look at, so with one wary smile, you turned and walked away. You couldn’t even bear to answer him.

#14 The fans loved you because..

Luke: You brought him out of his shell. It was no secret that Luke was a shy boy, but that all changed the day he met you. Suddenly he was smiling brighter, taking charge, and cracked jokes that still weren’t funny, but he delivered them so confidently that no one cared. Something about him had changed -in a good way- all thanks to you. He spoke more, and always had this slightly dazed look on his face. You made him want to do all of these weird things, and the fans were thankful for it.

Ashton: You didn’t mind putting up with all of his craziness. He bombarded you with keeks, and countless instagram pictures, and you just went along with it. His life style, too. It you two were hanging out, and a fan came up, you would let them have their time. You even talked to them. It was lovely watching them interact. You knew it made him so happy to talk to fans, and that made you happy too.

Calum: You encouraged him. Calum was sometimes insecure when it came to his voice, but you made sure he knew just how crazy that idea was. His voice was beautiful, and you often wished he’d share it more. Sometimes you’d record him, and then post it for the fans. He’d be irritated at first, but when he read all of the comments he’d get this giddy look on his face. That was the whole reason you did it -to see the smile on his face when he realized people actually liked it. You even somehow convinced him to post more covers, and he and the fans were forever grateful.

Michael: You brought out his gentle side. He was just nicer with you. Everyone loved sarcastic Michael, but they liked this side, too. It showed that even the rowdy boy with the messy hair had a soft side. Ever since he met you, he had been less likely to make fun of the other boys. He still did it -that was just who he was- but he didn’t do it as much as before. You had him completely and utterly whipped.

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#13 “Oops.”

Luke: He wanted to cook for you, he really did, but he soon realized that he’d overestimated his cooking skills. The only thing he could successfully make was spaghetti, and while it was your favorite food, he wanted to amaze you with some elaborate concoction. Instead, he just decided on chicken alfredo. How could he possibly mess that up? He bought all of the ingredients, and after giving himself a slight peptalk, he began. It all went smoothly at first, but he found himself panicking as it got closer and closer to the time you’d be home. He had just put the chicken in the pan, when grease shot out and burned his face. He jerked which caused a chain reaction that began with the chicken falling to the floor, and the noodles following. Unbeknownst to him, you had seen the whole thing unravel from the doorway. He suddenly noticed, and you watched his cheeks flush with embarrassment. “Oops,” He smiled shyley while carefully avoiding your eyes. You couldn’t help but laugh, he just looked so adorable standing there in that checkered apron. You walked over, not giving him a chance to explain, and kissed him. He was confused at first, but kissed back. “How about I go change while you clean this up, and then I’ll let you cook me some spaghetti?” “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Ashton: You were sitting in the coffee shop reading a book —more like trying to read. You kept getting distracted by the boy sitting at the table in front of you. He kept sneaking small glances. Nothing too major, but enough for you to notice. He typed away at his laptop, but you could see him occasionally look up and stare at you for a couple of seconds. You involuntarily wiped your face, worried there was something on it. Part of you wanted to ask what his deal was, but you were afraid he would stop. It wasn’t like you weren’t staring, too. Observing him, you couldn’t help but notice the way his jaw clenched and unclenched with no reason at all. And when the light hit his eyes in a certain way, it was like an explosion of color. You looked up, and suddenly your eyes met. You tried to avert yours, but you just couldn’t. You watched his cheeks turn bright red, and it was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen. He smiled, “Oops. I-I’m sorry for staring. It’s just that you’re beautiful, and I couldn’t help it.” You couldn’t help but blush, and you weren’t quite sure what to say. Was this really happening? “I’m sorry, I’ll shutup now.” You finally found your voice, “No, don’t. It’s flattering.” Now it was his turn to blush. “Mind if I come sit?” You shook your head and watched as he picked his laptop up, and sat down in front of you. “I’m Ashton,” He smiled as he stuck his hand out. You took it and introduced yourself. You shook hands, neither of you wanting to pull away.

Calum: Five minutes. That’s how long you were gone. What could have possibly went wrong in a measly five minutes? You’d left Calum watching your son while you went to grab the cookies out of the oven. He was getting a bath, and you two sat there admiring the little boy with chocolate brown hair and baby blues eyes from the side of the tub. When the timer dinged, Calum kissed your head and promised he had the situation under control. Apparently not because the moment you walked back into the bathroom, he was seated in the tub, fully clothed, with bubbles covering him, your son, and most of the floor. You wanted to be mad, you tried, but between the giggles and the grin plastered on Calum’s face, it easily subsided. “Oops,” Calum beamed. “Oops,” Your son repeated. You grabbed your phone and quickly took a picture, capturing the moment. “Mommy, get in.” Your son pulled puppy dog eyes, something his daddy taught him. “Yeah, Mommy get in.” Calum was enjoying this too much. Pulling your socks off, you sat between Calum’s legs, casually elbowing him in the ribs.

Michael: You were trying to sleep —trying being the operative word— but your boyfriend wouldn’t stop moving around. You weren’t sure if he was having a nightmare or what, but his jerky movements were hinting toward it. Lightly shaking him, you tried to pull him out of whatever was terrorizing him. He was sweaty and clammy and whimpering. You wanted to hug him, but that probably wasn’t smart. “Michael, babe, wake up.” He woke with a start, and in the process punched you in the eye. You couldn’t tell who was more shocked by his outburst. “Y/N, baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to! I was just having this awful nightmare where I was having to defend you, and he punched me, and I punched back, and well…” He trailed off, lightly rubbing his fingers across your eyelid. It didn’t hurt much, but he insisted on getting you ice. Dragging you into the kitchen, he sat you down on the counter and walked to the fridge. “Ah fuck!” He said, cursing himself for not filling up the ice tray. “Looks like you’re gonna have to settle for peas.” You placed the bag on your eye, and gave him the most annoyed look you could muster. He too one look at you and started laughing. “Keep laughing and I’ll give you one to match.” He laughed one more time —getting it out of his system— and kissed you on the forehead.

#12 Lost loves.

Luke: You’d tried to get him out of your head, and so far it worked. That was until he showed up at a barbeque some of your mutual friends were having. You felt like an idiot for not thinking he’d show up. For God’s sake, you met them through him. But there he was, in his nirvana shirt and painted on skinny jeans. He looked the exact same as the last time you’d seen him —beautiful. You were casually hiding behind a plant, praying that he didn’t see you, but he did. “Hey Y/N,” He said as if you were his best friend, and not his ex. “Hey Luke.” You tried for a smile. He grinned, “What are you doing here?” “I figured I’d come to say to everyone. I haven’t talked to them since…” You trailed off, and he gave a knowing nod. It had been a month, and it still felt like it happened yesterday. Suddenly, you felt like you were suffocating. “Luke, I really have to go. I’m sorry.” You began to rush off, trying to make it to the door that you couldn’t even see due to tears. “I still love you,” He yelled. All you could do was stand there.

Ashton: Seeing him at the end of the table, laughing that carefree laugh, made your stomach drop. You used to make him laugh like that. You used to be responsible for that grin plastered on his face. Not now, though. There was a cute blonde, her arm protectively slung around his shoulder. You’d seen him kiss her cheek a couple of times, and had to fight to keep your dinner down. It hurt, but you made yourself see it. You caused this, and now you had to deal with the consequences. Deciding you’d had enough, you stood up and gathered your bag. “I’m sorry guys, but I should be going.” You heard the boys groan, but they yelled their goodbyes and hugged you. All but Ashton. You had just walked out, when someone pulled your arm. It was Ashton. He looked at you like there were so many emotions swirling in his head, and he wasn’t sure which one to show. He chose one he would’ve given to Calum or any of the other boys. He pulled you in for a hug and whispered, “Goodbye Y/N.” He pulled away and walked inside. You had a feeling he meant much more than you leaving the restaurant.

Calum: You broke up with him. You broke up with him. Its the mantra you chant in your head every time you see him. You dumped him because you had to, but that doesn’t make seeing him hurt any less. Sometimes you’ll think dumping him was a good idea, you were just holding him back, but then he’ll smile in that way only he can and a wave of regret washes over you. Who were you kidding? You let go of the best thing that ever happened to you. There were so many alternatives, but you hadn’t seen any of them at the time. He begged you to stay, but you were too set on making sure you didn’t hold him back and ultimately have him hate you years later. In the end he got the fame, and you got years worth of regret.

Michael: You didn’t like how things were now. It was weird, and you weren’t sure when that happened. You two actively avoided eachother, and any time you were in the room together everyone could feel the tention. There were all of these words left unsaid that both of you were dying to get out. Most of the time, you two just stared at eachother like love sick puppies. That love ended, and all of the feelings should’ve ended with it, but they didn’t. They were very present, and neither of you hid it. That’s what was so frustrating, you obviously still loved eachother, but neither of you would do anything about it. You knew you were never going to get over him and that was okay.

#11 Whispers in the dark.

Luke: You were in a hotel room, in separate beds. You shared a bed with Calum and Ashton, and he shared one with Michael. You thought you heard someone whisper your name, but you figured you were just dreaming. Then it was said louder, and you rolled over to see Luke. He was looking at you in a way that made your breath catch in your throat. “Yeah?” You ask kind of groggily. “There’s something I need to tell you.” “What is it?” “I’m going to say this now while its 3 a.m. and I’m kind of delirious, but I love you. I love you and I’ve felt this way for a while and i didn’t know how to say it but I love you and if you don’t feel the same then I guess I’ll let you go back to sleep.” You felt a tear slip out before you even realized you were crying. “Luke, I love you, too. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that. I just love you.” The smile on his face could end wars. He held out his arm, and you held out yours, and you spent the night holding hands from two separate beds.

Ashton: He’s telling you how he doesn’t know how he managed to get so lucky —to find someone who wanted to hear every little thought in his head. No matter how dark they were, you listened with genuine interest. Not only that, but you made him feel something he didn’t quite think there was a name for, yet. It was like his insides were being sucked out by a vacuum cleaner every time he looked at you. He didn’t know how to explain it, but just knowing you were there and you were around, made him feel like everything was going to be okay. He clung to you like a life preserver. When the waters got too high, he knew you’d pull him out. It was absolutely mad to be this in love with someone, but he didn’t care. He pulled you tighter, hoping that if he pulled you close enough nothing could touch him.

Calum: He whispers an I love you after every kiss he places on your body. It tickles, but it causes any electric current to pulse through you. You giggle when his hair brushes against your neck or your stomach, and you can feel him smile. His rough lips against your soft skin fills you with a feeling you can’t really describe. You had no idea why he started doing it, but you really wish he wouldn’t stop. It made you feel so loved, and so appreciated. You’d never felt anything like this, and you didn’t think you ever would again.

Michael: It’s 2 a.m. and neither of you can stop laughing. You’re laying in the dark, wrapped up in each other, telling embarrassing stories from your childhood. His have you in tears, and he keeps saying he wished he’d been there to experience most of yours. His made you feel way less stupid and made you feel better about being such an idiot. You wished you could go back and see little 8 year old Michael making a fool out of himself. It was moments like this, when you were laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe, that you really treasured. Half of those stories you’d plan to take with you to the grave, but it felt good telling him. You were sure he’d use all of them against you, but you didn’t care because you’d do it right back.

4/4 on jet lag clingy cuddly cuteness

Luke had just gotten home and the moment he walked in he found you in the bed, still asleep of course, and he’d just throw himself on you. You were startled at first, thinking you were about to be murdered. This 7”2 man child had just knocked the breathe out of you but you were so excited about seeing him you didn’t care. He was tired and didn’t want to talk, so he just laid down next to you, and pulled you over to him. Every time you tried to talk he’d just say “shhh” and occasionally place kisses on your temple.

You were laying in the bed with Ashton, and he wouldn’t let go for anything. You tried to go to the bathroom several times but he always pulled you back. You warned him that if he didn’t you’d pee all over the both of you, but he just laughed. He kept kissing you, which of course you didn’t mind at all. You even offered food to get him to let you up, but he said he’d much rather starve than let go of you.

Calum kept whining from the couch about how awful his girlfriend was because she wouldn’t cuddle with him. You laughed from the kitchen, getting pleasure out of denying him. As much as you loved him, you didn’t like laying in bed all day. “Listen you lazy bum, if you feel that way why don’t you go and call Luke. I’m sure he’d be happy to cuddle you.” You heard him groan, “No, that wouldn’t be fun. He doesn’t have boobs for me to grab.” “If you don’t start being nicer to me, then you’re not going to be allowed to grab these ever again.” You heard as loud grunt as Calum rolled off the ground and started crawling toward the kitchen, you laughed and walked up the stairs.

Michael laid on top of you making sure you couldn’t get up at all. He said today he was tired, and you had to stay with him. You didn’t mind, it was kinda nice feeling his breath on your neck. Especially when he’d occasionally plant small kisses on it. You ran your fingers through his hair, admiring how soft it was. You kissed his head, reached for your phone on the nightstand. You grabbed it, but Michael intercepted it before sticking it in his pants. Normally, you would’ve grabbed for it, but you were too tired for what that might lead to, so you just sat there praying someone would call soon so it would vibrate.

#10 Mistaken as a couple.

Luke: You were at the local bakery picking up cookies for your best friend, Luke, who was currently at home sick. It felt weird being here without him. Normally, you and Luke went together. It was almost a sin to go without the other. The line finally shortened, and it was your turn. The lady greeted you with a smile, “Ah, hello. I’m guessing the usual?” You grinned and nodded, okay maybe you two came here a lot. She began placing cookies into the box. “Where’s your boyfriend?” She smiled and you were momentarily confused. “Boyfriend?” “Yeah, the tall blonde fellow that usually comes in with you. He’s cute.” You blushed, “You mean Luke? We’re just close friends. That’s all.” She gave you a look that suggested she didn’t believe it for a second. “Doesn’t look like it to me.” All you could do was awkwardly smile as she handed you the box. You turned and rushed out of the shop, but not before she yelled very loudly, “Call me and I’ll make the wedding cake!”

Ashton: You forced Ashton come to a family dinner because you really wanted a friend to be there, and there was no one better for these kinds of things but him. Plus, you knew you’d have more fun if he were there. He was your best friend and the first person you looked to for anything really. Just his presence calmed you. Plus, he got along well with your family which was a bonus. Your grandmother arrived and Ashton, being the gentleman he is, opened the door for her. She smiled before hugging him. “You must be Y/N’s boyfriend.” Ashton grinned and you looked at her slightly mortified. He didn’t say anything so you stepped in, “No, grandma, Ashton here’s my best friend.” Ashton looked at you before turning back to your grandmother. “Yes, as much as I love your granddaughter, she is with somebody else.” You looked at him in disbelief, and but he wouldn’t meet your eyes. When your grandmother walked away, you pulled Ashton upstairs and into your bedroom. “What was that about?” He smiled casually, “I love you.” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He might as well have just told you the sky is blue. “What do you mean you love me?” You asked, dumbfounded. “I mean, I love you more than a friend would. Everything you do makes my heart hurt.” You stared at him in amazement, and kissed him. Just one simple kiss and it felt better than anything you’d ever experienced. Right as you pulled away, you heard your mom yell. “Y/N, Ashton, dinner’s ready!” All through dinner, you held his hand under the table.

Calum: Once again, a boy refused to go out with you because he thought you were taken. By Calum. Your best friend. This had happened so many times you found it funny. You should’ve been mad, but you were more sad than anything. At this rate, you were sure you’d never get a boyfriend.  You had just reached Calum’s front door, when your phone rang. You saw Calum’s face on the screen, and answered it. “Hey loser, open the door it’s cold out here.” He let out a laugh before you heard the sound of him running down the stairs. He opened the door with a sly smile. “Did you get laid?” “Oh yeah, I didn’t think I could endure so much pain and like it, ” You said as you walked in and flopped down on his couch. He sat down beside you, and propped his feet on the coffee table. “Actually,” You sighed, “He told me that he didn’t mess with girls that already had a boyfriend.” “Wait, but you don’t have one?” “He meant you.” Calum looked contrite, “I’m sorry. I know this happens a lot, and if you want, I’ll step off.” You looked at him like he was crazy. Calum was the one person in your life that you were never letting go of. “Seriously? I would much rather have you around than some replaceable boy.” He beamed, and you wrapped your arms around him. “Why don’t we try it?” He whispered so low you weren’t sure he had said anything at all. “Try what?” “You know, dating. I mean think about it, we would be perfect. We know each other better than anyone else, and honestly I treat you better than any girlfriend I’ve ever had. Plus, I kinda love you.” He laughed, but you could tell he was serious. “Cal, I don’t know what to say. I love you, I really do, but I’m scared. What if it doesn’t work out? I couldn’t deal with that.” “But what if it does?” You weren’t sure if it was the sincerity of his words, or the overwhelming feeling of assurance, but you said yes. He kissed you then, and you were sure you felt him smiling.

Michael: You and Michael sat on a park bench, watching ducks swim in the pond. Neither of you spoke, but you both felt completely content. Michael’s head rested on your shoulder, and he occasionally threw food in the water despite the sign that clearly stated not to. It was chilly, so he cuddled up a little closer. Suddenly a man walked up, and you noticed a camera in his hand. Michael immediately hid the food behind his back, and you turned to look at the guy. “Excuse me, but I’m a photographer, and I was wondering if it was okay that I took a picture of you two?” You were startled at first —you didn’t even know he took one— but then he showed you the picture. It was beautiful. The camera had captured you and Michael in this perfect moment, with the sky just the right color and it seemed like the whole world had stilled. Michael grinned, “Of course it’s okay. As long as you send me a copy of it, at least.” The man smiled, “I will. If I may, you guys make a lovely couple. You can just see how much you care for each other.” With that, the man turned and walked away. You stared into the pond not daring to look at Michael, but you were pretty sure he was blushing.